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New page: Toolbox!

You’ll notice a new page called toolbox was added. This is a handy bundle of programs that I typically install when using someone else’s computer or setting up a new laptop.

These are programs that I don’t want to spend hours searching the web for and downloading. I may not always have a storage device on hand but I should almost always have access to my site. These programs including screen readers, E-mail clients, file management tools and more should be accessible for screen reader users.

They’re all older versions of the programs and that’s because I know for a fact they work with my screen reader NVDA. When programs update they can sometimes break accessibility so I like to keep any EXE files I’ve downloaded in case I need to rollback.

I’ll add more as I think of them and if you find the toolbox useful let me know. I’ll be adding a second page as part of the toolbox for useful online services. It’ll be a handy list of links that I’m always forgetting.

I’ll make a post once I complete that page.

Take care!

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