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Contribute Via PayPal

If you’d like to support Oreo and I please use this handy PayPal button. You can send us a one time contribution or set up a monthly subscription. Your contributions help pay rent, help with Oreo’s care including food and medicine, and more.

One of my life long goals is creating a forever home for Oreo and myself. This home will also be set up as a parrot sanctuary for disabled parrots who need a forever home. Parrots often get rehomed due to many reasons but when we look at how often disabled parrots get rehomed it is an extremely common practice.

I love creating content for you all and your contributions help make some amazing videos. As of now social media is my only form of income.

As you may or may not know unemployment within the disability community is at an all time high. In the blind community it’s estimated to be at 87% of blind people are unemployed. Most of us are looking for jobs and we went to college to make this process easier. Even with degrees though job discrimination continues to stop us from entering the work force. People assume people with disabilities are lazy and just want to live off the government but this is a stereotype that comes from ablism.

I say all of that to let you know that by contributing to what I’m doing you’re helping make the world a better place. The more content I can create means the more advocacy that’s being accomplished. I can devote my time to educating people on the reality of discrimination and ablism. I’m also using my voice to help animals in need.

So thank you for contributing! Oreo and I love you all and consider you wonderful, positive heroes.

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