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For many years I’ve wanted to build a sanctuary to house abandoned parrots. Ever since Oreo’s breeder wanted to kill him simply because he’s missing his right foot I saw the horrific brutality that is parrot breeding. There are thousands of parrots who get abused, who’re disabled or can’t find good homes for whatever reason. I’d like to give them a home where they can receive medical care, healthy diets, social interactions with other parrots and humans, and let them be parrots and not on demand entertaining pets.

A lot of people buy a bird and stick it in a cage for its entire life and this is harmful to the animal. Birds aren’t meant to be locked up in cages nor are they meant to be ignored. You’re taking an animal with the intelligence of a 5 year old and locking them in a small prison. They need social engagement, flock members, love and compassion.

When a parrot is not getting the right kind of care they can become depressed, angry, mean and eventually die. When they start to behave in a manner that the owner doesn’t like this creates a cycle of negative interactions which can cause the parrot to be rehomed or abandoned. An angry parrot will bite, a depressed parrot will scream for hours wanting attention, these mental states can cause the parrot to be destructive, self-harming or abusive to cage mates.

So I tell you all this to ask for your help to provide parrots with the right kind of care. My sanctuary will work with avian vets to make sure the birds receive medical evaluations, preventative care, medicine and any procedures to get them healthy. Sanctuary residence will have a flock to bond with and spend their lives with. We’ll have special programs for those parrots who need to be isolated due to their aggressive behaviors while still offering them social interactions, care and enrichment.

How You Can Help!

If you’d like to help us build a forever home and sanctuary for rainbow chickens, we need money to get this started. You can also buy our merch and share about us on your social media.

If Paypal or Venmo works best you’ll find them on our Intro Page.


  • Gather the funding,
  • Start up an LLC which will obtain the nonprofit status,
  • Find the right property,
  • Recruit board members,
  • Find volunteers,
  • Coordinate with avian vets,
  • Develop parrot care protocols,
  • Design the sanctuary footprint,
  • Build indoor and outdoor parrot zones,
  • Secure the property,
  • Work with local and global companies for food, toys and other materials,
  • Partner with other rescues, shelters and the parrot community,
  • Develop eco system within the sanctuary,
  • Grow plants, fruit, seeds and more,
  • Create diverse environment for parrots to explore and forage through,
  • Create a flowing water environment for bathing and play,
  • Develop sustainable energy usage, water usage and eco friendly impact,
  • Begin bringing parrots to the sanctuary,
  • Evaluate parrot care plan, update as needed,
  • Offer online content, workshops, tours and live streams,
  • Develop educational workshops to offer at the sanctuary and schools,
  • Continue seeking funds for day to day care and expansion,

Facts about parrots

  • 85% of parrots are rehomed within the first 2 years,
  • Parrots who cuss are extremely hard to find homes for,
  • Parrots have expensive medical bills,

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