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Updates, changes and Oreo says Hi!

Hey yall, I’m going to start making more frequent posts here on the front page. If we disappear from Tiktok you can check here for UpToDate news.

Oreo and I will be doing a livestream on May 24th to celebrate our birbs day. Oreo will be turning 21 and I’ll be turning 34. Please come celebrate with us. If you’d like to send us a gift, check out our Amazon wish list. If you’d like to contribute to the “let’s get Zack drunk fund” Paypal and Venmo works best. Thank you to all of you who send us gifts, contribute to the fund or just stop in and say ahoy.

Oreo and I have been brainstorming about ways to connect with you all and to stabilize our income, so expect a podcast in the near or distant future. Once the format has been finalized and I’ve recorded a few test episodes I’ll let you know what it’s all about and where to find it.

Tiktok news:

I’ve made the decision to retire my first tiktok account @ZackeryHurtz as it’s been shadow band and isn’t seeing any growth. I’ve started a new account @ZackHurtz and it’s doing pretty well. All of our recent and future vids now live on the @ZackHurtz account so check them out if you like.

Oreo and I are working to get a thousand followers so we can start livestreaming and at the time of writing this we’re at 776 followers. So if you could click the link and give us a follow we’d appreciate it.

With the government on a war path and trying to remove Tiktok and suppress our freedom of speech it’s possible our last 3 years of work on Tiktok will be wasted. Our options are You Tube or Instagram.

Site changes:

Due to a problem on the server side, people visiting the site were getting errors displaying on the different pages. It also kept me from logging into the site to fix the issue. I’ve been able to hit it with a sledgehammer and it’s fixed. The issue didn’t cause any security issues, nor did it prevent people from shopping. I was just about to scrap the current site and rebuild it from scratch, luckily that didn’t have to happen.

Now that I have my log in fixed, I made a few changes and added a couple of pages. There’s now a wish list page which is a dedicated page where you all can find our Amazon wish list and any other lists or items we might want or need.

I’m working on creating a contributions page where our Paypal and Venmo information can be found without having to scroll all the way down the intro page. If we add any other payment services like this, you’ll find them on the contributions page.

I’ve also updated some pages including adjusting the size chart for clothing and made a few small changes to the intro page to clean it up a bit.

Another change I’d like to implement on some of the pages is having prerecorded audio so you can click play and listen to the story or article. So for example the origin story of Oreo would be read aloud to you and I’m still working on how this will work. I’d love to find a free service that auto generates the audio, but I’ll probably end up recording it and uploading it all by hand. So, we’ll see how that goes.

Let’s wrap it up:

Well, with all of that out of the way I’m going to probably break the site again as I make more changes. Oreo and I love you, and hope you have a good day or night. Take care, peace out!

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