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Refund and Returns Policy

The following information is apt to change however it currently outlines the return and refund policies for the sale of products and services.


Items fulfilled through Printify are nonrefundable and can’t be returned. If an item is damaged or defective you may submit a claim through Printify but it is their decision on if they’ll replace or return the item.

When purchasing items from Printify please read the descriptions carefully. For clothing this means material types and sizes. Different materials may have different care requirements and to make sure your items stay in good condition and fits well please follow general care instructions.


I’m unable to offer refunds or returns if your package is stolen or misplaced during the delivery process. You may file a claim with the responsible delivery service. If you suspect your package has been pirated please reach out to your local police department.

To reduce the chances of a stolen package please arrange for your package to be dropped off at a safe access point. Use a package drop box at your house or make sure someone is home to monitor thesituation.

Once I have a tracking number for your order I update PayPal with the information. They will notify you of the tracking number and you can track the delivery from there on out.


The reason for the lack of refunds and returns is straight forward. Printify doesn’t allow me as a seller to get a refund from them once an order has been placed.

Due to the high amount of scammers who want free items I’m forced to put these policies into place. It is extremely simple for someone to claim a package was stolen and get a refund with out any proof. They could get free merch and their money back.

If you have any questions please E-mail me at

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