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If you’ve found this page you’ve clicked on a link from one of my social media profiles. Here you’ll find links to get you started including commonly asked questions, social media profiles, merch, my origin story, ways to send gifts, resources and more.


My name is Zack and I’m best friends with Oreo the parrot. Together we’ve been slowly building a community online which is meant to provide positive change to the world. I’m a college graduate who started Intrinsic Usability, a company building accessible tools and services for all.

I’m a childhood cancer survivor and as a result of this I’m totally blind. Feel free to check out my background and life stories. My visual impairment has highlighted a massive gap in equal access for those of us who are disabled. I’m working to close this gap by advocating and educating those who will listen.

“Tell us about Oreo!”

Oreo is an amazing Red-lored Amazon parrot who I rescued in 2003. The day he was born I was hand feeding him which caused him to imprint on me. You can find his origin story here.

Oreo is missing his right foot due to an accident within the incubator and as a result the breeder was going to euthanize him. The breeders exact words, “Disabled birds don’t make profit.” So of course my Dad and I rescued him and I’ve raised him ever since.

Gifts and Donations

We never expect anyone to send us money or gifts however kind followers have asked for ways to do so. You’ll find our Amazon wish list, Venmo, and Paypal below.

A percentage of each transaction gets set aside to help build our parrot sanctuary which will serve as a forever home for Oreo and I. We also donate to good causes and charities.

The wish list is a mix of items for Oreo and I. It helps us with treats for Oreo, audio gear for our streams and more.

Clothing sizes don’t save accurately on the wish list.

Pants: 32×30, T-shirts: large, Hoodies: XL.

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    Tiktok:Monday, Wednesday, Friday