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I produced a limited series podcast called The Road is the Sidewalk!

In collaboration with Disability Rights Washington I produced a limited series focused on the inaccessibility within Kitsap County Washington. Hear from the residence how inaccessible the community is and why ADA transition plans are so important. We also speak to experts who study and develop ADA transition plans.

In our advocacy work with nondrivers from communities throughout Washington State, we hear a lot about how inaccessible sidewalks, crossings and transit stops prevent us from accessing our communities. After the Americans With Disability Act passed more than 30 years ago, the cities and counties we live in should have developed plans about how they were going to address these barriers in our public rights of way. However, not only do many of these barriers remain, many communities haven’t created inventories of barriers, or timelines for when they plan to fix them. Kitsap County, where we are focusing this series, is one jurisdiction where we are still waiting.
In this series you’ll hear from disabled residents of Kitsap County about how this lack of access impacts their lives, as well as interviews with researchers who are working on sidewalk accessibility.”
Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio & Anchor.

Please check out Disability Rights Washington for all the great advocacy work they continue to accomplish.

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