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Author: Zack

Entrepreneur, parrot dad, book worm, cancer survivor, musician, podcast producer, completely blind, transhumanist and on the path to being a cyborg.


If you’d like to check out the various songs I listen to check out this playlist. I’ll always be adding news songs and plan to have thousands of songs of…

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Talking about my identity

              Identity is something that has become a buzz word within the marginalized communities. I’m part of several marginalized groups including chronic pain, blindness, ADHD and cancer survivor. All of…

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Hey all, if you’re stopping by I wanted to give you all a quick update. To get to know who I am please check out the Intro page. I’m still…

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Over the last few days merch designs have been coming together. Over the next 48 hours I’ll be offering a couple of stickers and a shirt. This is still a…

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You’ve might have noticed that all the pages, posts and media disappeared from the site overnight. I was attempting to clean up the SQL database with no knowledge of what…

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