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Federal Law Verses State Law and the medical use of Cannabis

Here’s a recording explaining my situation so far. After my surgery I hit my head and am now in the hospital. They’re refusing me access to medical cannabis.
Please take a listen and understand the problem here…
Federal Verses State law on cannabis use in hospitals
Here’s an embedded version, blind users should use tab and shift tab to access the audio player controls.


I’ll be going under the knife again later this month to fix the concave bones around my right eye. I’ll be opened up from ear to ear and my scalp and forehead will be peeled away from my skull, they will slice a section of bone from the back of my skull as a bone graft. The graft will be cut into two pieces and place to support and expand my right orbital socket.
Old wires, screws and plates will be removed and if needed updated hardware will be inserted. I’ve requested to keep the extracted bits and plan on using them as a small project. The operation should take two and a half hours and I’ll need to stay in the hospital because I’ll have a drain. Yup, I’m going to have a drain in my skull, fuckin’ great, I almost called the surgery off right there. I’ll be screamin’ tears will be a streamin’ and pain will be a thing.
I’m actually really excited about this operation as it’ll fix a handful of minor pain points and hopefully allow my right eye to be more of a comfortable fit.