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Episode One, An introduction to Cancer and Cannabis from a Blinded survivor

I sit down with a bowl of Dutch Treat which is a strain of cannabis in hand and discussed what it was like fighting cancer at a young age and growing up with no sight. I was diagnosed with cancer of the eyes at a month old and became blind by age two. The main topics of this podcast focus on cancer, the long term affects of radiation, the right to use cannabis as medicine and working with advocacy to achieve a goal.
I also address the use of psilocybin aka magic mushrooms to treat depression and pain management. Psilocybin helps you feel comfortable inside your own skin when you’re body is undergoing crazy surgeries and chemical attacks from chemo.
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***Please stop creating mega weapons and heal the sick first. Show us that we as a nation can stop death in its tracks. We American citizens die by the thousands so a group of enemy combatants can die in more creative and faster ways.***
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I discuss my childhood dealing with cancer, tumors and chronic pain

I recorded this to give people a glimpse into the life of a cancer survivor who’s also blind as a result. Please feel free to subscribe and help me reach a goal of a hundred.

Cure for the munchies (Stoners Milkshake)

I don’t hide the fact I use medical cannabis to treat chronic pain and it is also a well known fact that cannabis causes tokers to chow down on some good munch food. One of my favorite quick foods for this is a milkshake full of texture, crunch, sugar and peanut butter!

    Things you’ll need.

  • Favorite flavor of ice cream. (Court or gallon)
  • Peanut butter (creamy)
  • milk (2 cups)
  • honey
  • Cap’n Crunch Cereal
  • Oreos (3 or 4 for each shake)
  • coco powder
  • chocolate chips

    Lets Blend It Up

      In a blender mix the following items to be blended together.

    1. Pour one cup of milk into the blender.
    2. Add ice cream until the blender is filled halfway with the sugary goodness.
    3. Add one t-spoon of coco powder. If you’re a fan of coco feel free to use this as a suggestive guideline.
    4. Pour in honey until you feel like its enough. I usually put in about four table spoons worth of organic honey.
    5. Add four to six table spoons of peanut butter. If you decided to use crunchy peanut butter be careful of the amount of peanut chunks on each spoon full.
    6. Close the blender and blend the ice cream and other ingredients together for ten seconds.
    7. Add in the chocolate chips, I usually throw in about two handfuls. For extra flavor I also use a variety of chips including vanilla, Carmel and yogurt which can be fun to experiment with.
    8. Next go in the Oreos, as you add each cookie crunch the cookies up to assist with the blending process.
    9. Now add in two or three handfuls of Cap’n Crunch cereal.
    10. If you have any sort of cannabis infused oil or butter you can add it in at this moment. Follow dosing instructions on the oil or butters packaging. If it doesn’t have any use small amounts and if it’s not enough you can always add more next time. Please make sure children aren’t able to get their hands on any of this treat.
    11. Blend all of this together until it becomes a smooth creamy milkshake.
    12. Add milk as needed if the shake is staying a thicker consistency.
    13. Pour into a frosted glass and enjoy.

Positive changes from Medical Cannabis

As time goes on and researchers dig deeper into the various compounds found in cannabis we’re seeing more and more people jumping on the health band wagon. Could this plant that’s been around for thousands of years really be a cure all for major illnesses?
In the following videos you’ll see stories of young children using cannabis to treat medical conditions, the cure is working. I’ve personally used cannabis to treat my chronic pain and to help fight against cancer and tumors that will come back according to my doctors.

Fighting cancer with cannabis, the great signs of change!