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In my quest to regain some memory or new stimulation of my visual cortex I’ve taken psilocybin mushrooms. I hoped maybe a dose would activate some part of my brain to help bring back the memory of color or somehow create a picture in my mind. So far I’ve been unsuccessful in the use of mushrooms to reproduce color without having external access through my nonexistent eyes.
Micro doses are doses weighed out in micro gram increments. A good dose for a first timer is three grams of fresh and raw mushrooms. This should be enough to give you a good head trip without the chances of a bad trip. If you’re worried about this dose feel free to start out at half a gram and work your way up each time. I’ve taken a small piece the size of a Skittle and it gave me a fun hour of mellowness. As with most medicine, dosing amounts vary from person to person based on weight, height, fullness of stomach, amount of water on board and other variables.
I think it important for anyone reading this to take the time to understand and respect what they’re doing. You will find parts of yourself that will need to be dealt with and you will also find great sides of yourself forgotten or just shown how to control your thoughts. Willpower is a powerful tool when it comes to working with mushrooms, mushies have the ability to make nightmares appear in the daytime while you’re awake. Will power and positive attitudes will keep a trip fun and full of learning and healing.
It’s also worth noting that first timers might want to take mushrooms in a big party setting but often this leads to a bad trip. Gather a small circle of friends who all know what’s going on and just veg out. Some suggest doing shrooms alone in a dark quiet room for the first time, giving you the chance to learn about yourself and mushrooms as a solid introduction. Read below for my thoughts for first timers.

My First Time

My first time didn’t happen till my mid-twenties and I’m glad I waited for the right positive environment. My friend weighed out the mushrooms and handed them to me in a small dish. Everyone was gathered around talking and playing a couple card games.
“You’ll feel like throwing up, you can say no and just not puke.”
“it’s a good idea to have something in your hands to focus on, a focus object can help keep a physical connection on dimensional journeys.”
My focus object was a good old Bic lighter.
“Music is a great way to open up your mind while on mushrooms.”
So I ate the mushrooms one drooling bite after another. Mushrooms are nasty, no way around it they taste like shit. That smell and taste stuck with me for the next 2 days, it was in everything I smelled my blanket, clothes and even cannabis. However that only happened the once and my times sense have been excellent.
I had to use the bathroom and everyone thought I was throwing up, in fact I just needed to take a good healthy piss and take a shit. I didn’t throw up until the next morning well after my experience, the puking was caused from going back onto opiates so early in the morning. Sitting on the toilet was when I started being unable to tell left from right and right from left.
Exiting the bathroom, I had to have one of my friends guide me to the couch where we were all gathered in a mushroom circle. I could hear only about out to a distance of three feet and directional audio was all just one surrounding wall of sound. The sounds were crisp, clear and I could finely detail a song playing on the radio.
The feelings started to intensify and I said it felt much like that of morphine with the floating, cotton fuzziness in the stomach. The game we were playing kind of got forgotten and I fell into myself for a bit enjoying my first time. I didn’t make any big discoveries about me, myself or I but I had a good time being relaxed and pain free.
Pain Free!!! The one thing I was hoping for was more than I could imagine, my chronic pain took a big reduction for about three hours. When it came back it did so in waves. I was able to have more stamina in my right hand for guitar playing which is a problem I deal with from nerve damage caused by tumors and surgeries.
Once I felt comfortable I was able to have a functional and only slightly distracted conversation with my friends. No one started screaming about God taking over or how Earth is falling into the sun. We save the normal conversations like that for Fridays and trust me you don’t need fun plants for that to be scary. My friend suggested to crawl around instead of walking because my balance was messed up and everyone else was doing it so why not! If I could have had a dog to play with it would have been a great day for both of us.
Overall, my first time was amazing, music became a whole new listening experience helping to unlock memories and feelings. I was comfortable with myself and the crazy goofy actions of people around me which made for a stress free environment to grow, heal and make stronger friendships.


  • Know what you’re purchasing. It is very important that you know what kind of mushrooms you’re buying. A variety of mushrooms are poisonous and can be found in common places. Buying mushrooms from the kid on the street might not be the best idea. A good source is usually found by “word of mouth.”
  • A common price for an eighth is $20 to $30.
  • Eat an orange while eating mushrooms. The juice helps break down the plant and gives the trip more potency. Plus the orange adds a nice over powering flavor if the shrooms taste bad.


  • Terence McKenna
  • This video talks about high doses above 30 grams.
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