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Kingdom Of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing is a browser based game, if your good with pop culture you’ll find all sorts of fun references. Multiplaying is allowed and you can interact with other players through a flexible chat system.

Clans play a role in KOL and you can choose from a wide variety to join. Clans have special zones for you to run and get good gear.

If you like killing other players you can use the comical PVP duals. Being drunk is a help and not a pain in the gut for once, well in KOL being druk is helpful in a few different situations.

My Characters

If you start playing KOL let me know and I’ll hook you up.

My characters

  • Hurtz
  • radan, Disco Bandit
  • Spike, sauceror
  • Thrik, Disco Bandit
  • Zackariah
  • Zackery, Main Char.

If you join clan Punksville you can access booze from the clan stash.


A list of useful resources to help during game play.

  1. The KOL wiki has everything you need to start playing, you’ll find quest spoilers and newbie guides.
  2. Buff bots are able to cast all kinds of buffs to help keep you safe while adventuring.
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