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Guitars and Rock and Roll

My favorite Key is A
A well balanced hand can play the most complicated songs.

Playing guitar is something worth the time.

They say music soothes the soul. Whoever they, are I’d like to think they’re right. Even as a little dude music has always caught my attention. What caught my attention was the electric guitar from it’s screaming rifts to it’s down low bass lines I new one day I’d play a guitar. My guitar instructor Kevin Wyer says, “Man has always wanted to bend steel with his hands. The guitar allows us to do that>”

I’ve always been into the rock side of music, growing up with my dad’s favorites from AC/DC to ZZ Top. I lean more on the punk side of music these days, It’s what I’m writing and what I listen to on a daily basis.

Punk offers an agressional outlet for the anger felt in life. It will fuel the music and the music will spread the message calling all punk rockers to the stage. As one the punk movement will be the guiding force behind my music.


Here’s some samples of what I’ve done and what I’m working on.

  • A bit of surf style jamming.
  • A punk rock rift I recorded.

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