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Science fiction and thieves verses assassins!

I’ve been a very busy dude, sleeping, practicing guitar, oh and writing pages and pages of notes. After some serious thinking I switched my major focus from psychology to a degree in writing. I’m always writing short stories and I have multiple plots in my head. The second I changed my degree from Psychology to writing I felt a weight lifted from off my shoulders.
I’ve been creating two universes for two books I’m writing.
My number one book is based out of a sci-fi universe and like all great space operas it’s got evil verses good, Machine verses flesh and blood and smart asses verses dumb asses. The great empire has changed over the last 7 decades under the control of a douche bag emperor. A team of people will work to bring in a new age of freedom.
The second book is based in a fantasy world and the lead character isn’t the usual underdog stereo typical hero. Without giving it all away he will face world ending challenges and be forced to choose the fate of entire kingdoms and realms.
Dwarves party in huge underground cities while dragons live in huge cloud cities, warlocks battle for power while wizards shape the kingdoms and realms they watch over. The shadow and glowing folk help keep the balance between the dark and the light.
I’m giving to much away already but as I keep writing more and more I’ll post small bits from the books. I never expected to release any of my books but the more and more my friends and family read my works they kept telling me to keep writing and to publish.
Well I’m off to go write a few more scenes before I hit the land of dreams and nightmares. Take care internet surfers!