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Tunage Tuesday!

Tunage Tuesday!
Oh man just downloaded this new album for The Dirty Heads! Sound of change is going to become this weeks most listened too album on my phone. With drums on the run and guitar chords that won’t stop these dudes have done it again.
As the album name suggests they’ve changed their music a bit but it’s nothing we could of expected. Don’t be scared Once you hear it your like man that’s gotta be the Dirty Heads, then you hear the vocals and it’s for sure Duddy B and J.
We’re talking some great beats mixed with some awesome rap lines. Not your thing, check out the relaxed tunes as well. These guys expanded their style and did a great job. I’m still letting the album play on repeat so I can find my favorite hooks and beats. “My Sweet Summer” is my favorite right now and it has a trippin’ melodic rift.
Alright here’s how you can grab this new album!
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For you iTunes clickers.
Check out their site at:
Well this wraps up Tunage Tuesday have a great day.

Songs to check out!

It’s Tunage Tuesday!
I’ll share songs I’m repeatedly playing as I go through my week. Not only is this a good way to spread good music but it’ll also help me keep a record of awesome music…
1. NOFX “Thank God It’s Monday”

2. Gutthermouth “Scholarship in Punk”

3. Pennywise “The Western World”

I hope you enjoy these songs, if you have suggestions please leave them in the comments below!