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Looking for a good quality and budget fitting website? Read on!

In the tech age everyone has a website, a website allows you either as a business or a blogger to reach out and put your ideas and products in millions of homes. Imagine having just one advertisement that’s shown across hundreds if not thousands of sites.
Have your own site with well placed ads and search engines that keep your site number one. Earn money from hosting ads from other websites and use that income to put into marketing, you’ll save money on marketing this way for sure.
Upload and host your own gallery of videos and pictures, let the internet know who and what your about with well worded Twitter and Face book updates.
I can help you with your website needs, I will help you select your hosting package, set up a content managing system, get your E-mail up and going and maintain your site as needed.
I do not charge by the hour but charge via the content it allows you to save money and gives me a solid pricing system.
Here’s a breakdown of services and pricing. These prices are dependent on a case by case basis.
these are just what I charge for labor, I do not add in the cost of domains and hosting fees.

  • site set up and registration, $30
  • new pages and updates, Each page is $2.50 or 5 pages for $10
    (This doesn’t include writing the pages content, this is only taking the already provided content by you and posting it to your site.)

  • Marketing and promotion, $25 a month
    (Setting up and handling ads to bring in money from your site and setting up your site to be advertized elsewhere.)

  • monthly management $50
    (Includes advertisement, spam removal, page and post/blog updates, bulletin and newsletter creation and sending.)

  • social media management, $25
    (Includes my help with crafting well put posts on Face Book and Twitter full of buzz words that’ll draw in viewers.)

  • Content creation, $2 a paragraph
    (Need help finding the right tone for your site? I can help craft well worded articles and pages.)

Contact me here for a quote for your online needs.
Thank you and enjoy your browsing.

Juggling finances and words.

Starting a small business is intense, finding startup funding isn’t exactly easy in today’s economy. I’ve been using Go Fund Me which is a really cool donation site, you can tell your story and people can donate money to your cause.
Visit the Go Fund Me page for my business Z and Z My hope for Z and Z is to make a positive impact on the community. Not only will it be providing a valuable service but it’ll open up job opportunities and the bigger Z and Z gets the more employees I’ll need.
I’ve been doing more writing on the sci-fi series and have decided on a three book time line to start out with, it’ll give me a good chunk of book to introduce the universe. My fantasy series will be in the style of journals written by the main character. I’ve already got several story plots lined up with small short stories to add more content.
Thanks for reading this post, keep fighting the good fight and remember freedom should never be traded for security.