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Here’s a few resources and useful sites about cannabis. I have been using cannabis for about 6 years medically and let me tell you its changed my life for the better. I’m a full time student who’s working on a series of books and I’m a musician. So don’t let them say cannabis makes people dumb, lazy or leads to harder drug use. I was able to use cannabis to remove myself off of prescription opiates.



I hope you find these resources useful and if you have any to add contact me Here.

    Resources and information.


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  • Weed

    This is my preferred site to find strains and related items including medicated food.
    You can find the following

    • Browse Weed Maps on your phone
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Delivery services, have cannabis delivered to your door for a small fee.
    • dispensaries, read customer reviews or post your own to find good dispensaries with great products.
    • Doctors, find a local doctor to handle your authorization.
    • strain search, not sure what strain you need to treat your condition, just use Weed Maps to search for your symptoms and it’ll show you the best cannabis for treatment.
  • Leafly

    One of the more commonly used sites to find local dispensaries and nearby strains.

  • Wiki Leaf

    This is a good site for information on the various cannabis strains.